Let there be light!

Enjoy the mystery of the dark, knowing the days will lengthen in time. Create sparking vignettes to illuminate winter’s night. Here are three ways I’ve used strings of christmas lights to add sparkle to the holidays.


Faux vintage mercury glass Edison bulbs. Casually laid strings on a glass table top. Purchased at Marshall’s.


LED lights incased in acrylic crystals, stuffed into a glass vase. Purchased at IKEA


Vintage roasting pan, scrunched up tulle, family christmas ornaments and a string of star lights make a snowy centrepiece.


Lights from Deserres


Travel Inspired

I was inspired by the Moorish Walls in La Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The wall is divided horizontally with two colours: heaven above and earth below. I was so wowed by the effect, I decided to adapt it to my living room. The result is calming and grounded. I left the original apartment colour Toasted Grey on the top, heaven, and added earth on the bottom, Benjamin Moore (no pun intended) Forest Moss 2146-20.

Doorway in La Alhambra

Doorway in La Alhambra

Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

Vintage Shopping in Madrid

I had the good fortune to be visiting friends in Spain recently. While in Madrid we visited the Decor Accion, a 3 day outdoor market. We walked through narrow streets, closed to traffic, filled with vintage furnishings and home accessories. I was thrilled to see the particular Spanish flavour, colouring the tables of pots, tableware, lamps and curios.

herb pots on a yellow metal table

gorgeous salvaged window frame

white jugs on a wooden table

odd curios

Street view, Decor Accion

Vintage shopping in Toronto

Toronto has a plethora of unique vintage furnishing stores. I love exploring them, each time I go in there are new “old” items. Every little table, tin box or wooden picture frame has endless possibilities for creating an original vignettes. My friend Mona says “you don’t know you need it until you see it”. Over the years I have found items in these stores that I still cherish.

1. Queen Street West Antique Centre 




2. Love the Design 




3. Rec + Art History 



Everything in its place, and a place for everything.

Thinking outside the intended use of everyday household containers, I have discovered many in my cupboards that were empty, waiting to be filled….and put on display

Jugs, jars and vases for all things tall and some small. 

Utensils on my kitchen counter

Utensils on my kitchen counter

Family heirlooms in a preserving jar

Family heirlooms in a preserving jar

Plates and bowls, for jewellery.

Earrings and bracelets on dresser in glass and silver plates

Earrings and bracelets on my dresser in glass and silver plates

Canvas bags for paper items: books, magazines, files. 

Bookhoo bag on ladder with my choice of books if stranded on an island

Bookhou.com bag made in Toronto, on ladder with my choice of books if stranded on an island

Baskets and boxes for magazines, games, scarves. 

Rustic rectangular basket for magazines

Rustic rectangular basket for keeping my interior decorating magazines in order

Here are some of my current favourite print and online home decor magazines

The challenge with magazines is that they can pile up. I go through my collection every few months and save the articles that images for future reference. These four publications are my current favourites because they are innovative, of good taste, and have inspiring photos. They allow me to daydream.

1. Elle Decoration UK



2. Dwell



3. Domino



4. Covet Garden



Be Inspired

Be inspired! open your eyes to the visual feast that is all around you. Your muse for creating personal space is multi-faceted, in your neighbourhood hang-outs, public spaces, travels, magazines, book stores, art exhibits and web-sites. You may have a specific room in mind that is due some attention, or the project could be a dream for the future. Define the desired outcome for yourself. Not how it is going to look, how it is going to feel!

Begin by collecting images, (decide if you are going to do this physically, or in a folder on your device), whether it’s tear-outs from magazines, photos you have taken, or themed on-line inspiration albums like Pinterest or Tumblr.

I personally like to start without boundaries. This is not the time to be concerned about whether it is realistic, affordable, or not your current style. It is inspiration for dreaming, the beginning of your journey. My personal preference is having the images out in the open where I can see them.

Photo of my desk: a long scroll of primed canvas (bought from an art supply store) the width of my desk, pinned to the wall up near the ceiling

My current desk has a long scroll of primed canvas (bought from an art supply store) the width of my desk, pinned to the wall up near the ceiling

Glass cabinet with photos taped.

My previous desk had this glass cabinet overtop. I taped the photos directly to the glass.

Here are two more photos of walls filled with inspirational images that I found on Pinterest.







22961886_bARxnroP_c f8f20dae196acd98e5c424cf502a2700

I will talk about the next phase of editing and grouping the photos in a later blog. In the meantime, enjoy this creative, dreaming time.

Some of my favourite books on interior design

These are some books on my bookshelf which reflect my own design approach. You may find them interesting.

1. A Space of my Own – Inspirational ideas for home offices, craft rooms and studies by Caroline Clifton-Mogg

a space of my own

2. Simply Imperfect – revisiting the wabi-sabi house by Robin Griggs Lawrence

simply imperfect

3. Soul Space – Transform your home, Transform your life by Xorin Balbes


4. Undecorate – The no-rules approach to interior design by Christiane Lemieux


Design Waves clients are welcome to borrow any of these books, let me know and we can make arrangements.

What does your sacred space look like?

You know when you are in a space that supports you. Sacred space reflects and embodies our essence. I am so excited to be sharing my ideas and my passion for nourishing interiors.

I look forward to guiding you on your journey creating sacred space.

This is the first of many blog posts. Enjoy the images and let it inspire your home. I welcome your thoughts.


This bookcase holds the essence of who I am, it tells my story. My history through childhood books, favourite novels and meaningful mementos; my love of nature with plant guides and hiking maps, and my passion for art. The glass doors help to frame and highlight my treasured possessions.

Ikea Billy Bookcase with glass doors

Floor to ceiling bookcase with glass doors – These shelves hold my inspiration and tools

Ikea Billy Bookcase

A shelf full of decorating books


I like to have my art supplies displayed. The colours are inspiring and they remind me to make art